My jellyfish plugs and jellyfish pendant containing an opal!

I love my little collection <3

I’m trying to choose which one I want! I love the fact that the artist put an opal in the glass. <3


Read it. 

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Pantone Pairings | David Schwen

Minneapolis-based design director David Schwen has created a photo series of PANTONE-inspired food pairings.

Titled ‘Pantone Pairings’, it features food items (designed as color swatches) that always go hand-in-hand with each other—such as  ‘Macaroni and Cheese’, ‘Bacon and Eggs’, and ‘Milk and Cookies’. 

my jellyfish!

more obsessions. 

my obsession for the day. I would love to own all of these.

artwork by jason levesque

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The Fantastic Mr. Fox- great film

visit G.

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